To introduce the sport of kayaking to the community in a safe and enjoyable environment

Participants will be taught the following technical skills of kayaking in order to equip them with knowledge to be able to paddle a kayak in a safe and proper manner.

Location: Adventurepaddlers@Ohana Beach House

Address: 159W Jalan Loyang Besar, Singapore 507020

Technical Skills:

  • Lifting & Carrying
  • Launching & coming ashore
  • Embarking & disembarking
  • Forward paddle a circuit of 100m with directional control
  • Reverse paddle a circuit of 25m with directional control
  • Stopping
  • Forward & reverse sweep strokes
  • Planned capsize followed by swim ashore with retention of kayak and paddle
  • Emptying of water
  • Simple beginnings of moving sideways (‘J’ draw and classic draw)
  • Simple beginnings of stern rudder (going in a straight line)
  • Simple beginnings of low recovery
  • Rafted ‘X’ rescue

Environment: Coastal water
Pre-entry Requirement: Swimming 50 m with PFD (Minimum age 12 years old)
Course Duration: 12 hours. (2 X 6 hours session)
Type of Craft: Single seat closed cockpit kayak
Theory: Basic equipment, including features of a kayak Basic safety issues
Course fees: $85/pax (Minimum 5 pax in order for course to commence)

Things to bring for course:

Attire: Light fitting sports attire (long sleeves t-shirts, rashguards)
Footwear: water booty or sports shoes
Accessories: Water bottles, sun-screen, caps, sunglasses.